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Welcome to Techno Labs Corporation

“TECHNO LABS CORPORATION”, is one of the leading organisation in the field of “ELECTRONIC TEST AND MEASURING INSTRUMENTS” and “EDUCATIONAL LAB EQUIPMENTS” with dedicated services to EDUCATION and INDUSTRIAL sectors over last 10 years.

We have developed a number of products for Technical Institutions, and Industries like Microcontroller based Function Generators, Signal Generators, DC Regulated Power Supplies, Klystron power supplies, VSWR meter, Gunn power supplies,Bench top digital meters, Decade Boxes(Resistance, Capacitand and Inductance), General Purpose Bread Board Trainers, Digital IC trainers, Analog and digital Communication Trainers, Fiber Optic kits, Semiconductor characteristics characteristics trainers and many more.

TECHNO LABS CORPORATION customer base includes Defense, Test labs with electronics, Engineering institutes, Government and commercial organizations as well as individual end users.

TECHNO LABS CORPORATION operates through its own support office located in HYDEABAD and also through a wide network of distribution channels aiming at country wide reach for its Test and Measuring Instruments’ business.

TECHNO LABS CORPORATION has had a long-Standing Commitment to provide excellent service and support for valued Customers. This Commitment has been the CORNERSTONE of our Reputation of Integrity and Quality. TECHNO LABS CORPORATION is a rare blend of hard work, and widespread industrial experience working closely with customers to provide products and Good service to meet their needs Quickly and Effectively.

“TRUST, CHALLENGE, SERVICE” is our great MOTTO, Ensures the Customer that TECHNO LABS CORPORATION has taken countless challenges to guarantee the highest quality, world class standards and services. Our Goal remains to constantly serve our valued customers with the best products and good service also provides customer required products.

“WE SAID AND DONE”, we also provide a rare flexibility to satisfy any design needs. You can choose of your products, to match your BUDGET.

Our Clients